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  • Dear Parents,

    I am Master Cho Young Deuk.

    I have been trained as a Taekwondo expert since I was seven years old and I have taught a Taekwondo for 14 years. I strongly believe that learning Taekwondo helps developoing physical fitness and building up inner power of participants include children and adults I provide scientific and well-organized training program according to participant’s ability and age. As I mentioned above, I have been training as a Taekwondo expert for 25 years. I have researched and studied with university doctors and professors of physical education. Also I have various experience in child education, sports psychology and scientifically developed Taekwondo education system.

    I declare that I can offer the best Taekwondo education. This curriculum provides specialized and differentiated education program. I teach to share advantage of Taekwondo. I keep this intention in my mind always. I will do my best and I will train trainees with all my efforts.

    Many thanks.

Master Cho Young Deuk’s Careers
  • 전) 위덕대학교 태권도학과 외래교수
    Former Adjunct Professor at the Uiduk University(Korea), Department of Taekwondo
    前) 威德大學校 跆拳道學科 外來教授

  • 전) 미국 애리조나주 국립고등학교 체육교사
    Former Arizona Cibecue High School’ P.E Teacher, USA
    前) 美國高等學校體育師傅

  • 전) 대한민국 태권도 국가대표시범단
    Former Member of ‘Korean National Taekwondo Demonstration Team’
    前) 韓國跆拳道國家代表示範團

  • 전) 주홍콩 대한민국 총영사관 태권도 강좌 사범
    Former Taekwondo Instructor at General Consulate of Republic of Korea in HK
    前) 曾任香港韓國領事館跆拳道教練

  • 전) 대한민국 공군 태권도 강사
    Former Taekwondo Instructor at Republic of Korea Air Force
    前) 曾任韓國空軍跆拳道教練

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